The story behind Firewood

Woodworking has always fascinated me. I experimented with carving and wood-turning for a number of years. Then a few years ago I took some classes in wood-turning and now I’m hooked.

As a chef, I naturally looked at cooking and serving objects that could be used by myself and the staff in our catering business. When friends started asking me for these, I started making more and more. So, what began as a hobby, has now turned into a business.

All of the various types of wood that I use are selected for their color, grain and durability. They are then hand-carved and machine turned to get the smoothest look and feel, but still retain some of their “hand-made” qualities. I especially like the little imperfections that nature adds to the wood grain – these make each piece unique.

Please take a look at the photos of the various spoons, spatulas, and serving knives here on our web site. We will be adding a product page soon where you can examine these in detail. Then we’ll be adding a store page where you’ll be able to purchase these online Until then, feel free to stop in at the Grocery in Carversville to see, touch, and buy. And if you should see me at the store, feel free to ask me about them. I love talking about wood-turning.